The Blissful Baby Expert Book

Natalie writes:

I had very high hopes for this book, especially as my 3 month old was not sleeping very well at night, waking every hour!

However I found it quite difficult to read. There are no photographs and only a few diagrams which I feel makes it like a novel rather than a help book.

What was good was the index as it meant that you could easily find the section that you were looking for rather than reading the whole book.

The advice given was actually quite useful. After following parts of the sleep advice (those that I wasn’t already doing) my baby began to sleep much better. I also found that there was a wide range of topics covered which meant you only needed the one book. It was also nice to have it written by a mother as it wasn’t patronising as you know that the author had been there herself.

I would recommend this book, however I do feel that it could be improved by the use of photographs.

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