How to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly

A family bathroom should be a fun place to be. When it’s just you and your partner, the bathroom tends to be thought of as a place to relax and contemplate. When kids come along, this is no longer possible. Bath toys take over, and the whole room has to be ready for the onslaught of bubble bath and water that’s about to get splashed everywhere. While a kid-friendly bathroom has to be entertaining for your little ones, it also has to be accessible and safe. With that in mind, here are six tips to help you create a bathroom that’s perfect for every member of your clan.



Provide your kids with lots of child-friendly storage options and encourage them to make use of them. This way, you won’t be stepping on toys and activity items when you stumble barefoot into the bathroom late at night. Mesh or wire baskets are perfect for the bathroom because they enable fast drying.



Would you like your kids to be independent go-getters? Is it essential for your kids to learn to be more self-reliant? Make items in the bathroom more accessible, and they’ll be able to reach everything on their own. Towel hooks and bars should be at a child’s height. Rather than change all items in your bathroom and make them child-sized, remember they won’t be little forever! Unless you want to keep renovating your bathroom year after year, consider accessing solutions such as steps or stools.


Easy to Clean

As your family gets bigger, there are going to be more people using the bathroom daily. As numbers increase, you’re going to appreciate a room that’s easy to keep clean. Kids can also be very messy creatures so take this into consideration before making any decisions about the décor. Semi-gloss or satin finishes are much easier to clean; plus, water-resistant flooring is going to be easy to mop up. Zehnder radiators are also very quick and easy to keep clean and make a stylish addition for the bathroom.



Your kids aren’t going to be young forever, but while they are, your bathroom needs to be hard wearing. The bathroom can be a high traffic area, which means there’s going to be a lot of wear and tear. Choose flooring that can withstand the patter of tiny feet, and fixtures and fittings that can cope with some rough treatment.



Safety features can include shatterproof mirrors, taps that regulate the water temperature, safety catches on vanity doors and drawers, and holders that are securely fixed to the wall. Keep medicines and cleaning products out of the reach of little hands. A slip-proof mat in the bath and shower is also a sensible addition.

Fun Accessories

It’s crucial your little ones enjoy every minute of being in the bathroom while they’re young, and this room provides plenty of opportunities for having fun! Feel free to let your imagination go wild and include lots of fun accessories. Before you know it, the rubber duckies and bright green frogs will have no place in the bathroom, and it’ll become a haven of peace and quiet once more.

If you’ve chosen to go with white for the colour scheme, add a pop of colour with a brightly patterned shower curtain. Bath mats are also great for adding interest and a splash of colour.  

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