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Water Babies has an outstanding reputation as the world’s biggest, most professional baby and toddler swimming programme, welcoming over 41,000 children (and their Water Babiesparents/carers) into warm water at around 560 local pools every week.

Their swimming lessons progressively develop children’s water skills in line with their physical, mental and emotional development phases. Learning to get to the side, hold on or swim from a young age has saved several Water Babies’ lives after they have fallen into water elsewhere.

Water Babies also offers world-class, once-in-a-lifetime high-resolution photography of babies and toddlers swimming underwater, and an online shop featuring delightful, practical swimming accessories.

Locations across Essex.

Highly Recommended: Miniswimming
Mini Swimming was born from a love of taking our own babies and children to swimming classes. We found that we and our children loved going to the lessons and enjoyed them above all of the other classes and groups we tried. We looked forward to the weekly sessions, missed them when they weren’t on and not only found that our children became confident swimmers but we also made some great friends along the way!

Highly Recommended: Baby Nurture
Baby swimming Classes are held at Pontlands Park Hotel and Gemstone Pools. From 3 months old a baby can be introduced to the pool, in a friendly and enjoyable class. Baby swimming classes are ideal for improving bonding and confidence. The classes are designed to work with you and your baby at your own individual pace, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience.

Highly Recommended: PalmerSwim
PalmerSwim are a privately run swim school who specialize in small group lessons with a maximum of 4 children per class.  Our lessons are taught in a unique way with your child engaged and swimming the entire lesson.  Our ASA fully qualified teachers are in the pool the whole time with your little one, making them feel safe and confident in the water.

2016 Winner: Water Babies
2015 Winner: Water Babies
2014 Winner: Baby Nurture

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