The Dazzling History of Gemstone Jewellery

Since time immemorial, gemstones have played different roles in legends and myths of human culture. Some of these stones are believed to possess some sort of powers, but all gems share a common beauty. Every stone is unique with special birthplace, colour, and story. The gems can be found in different rainbow colours and different parts of the world. Some of these have been treasured since before the beginning of history while others have only been discovered recently. Currently, gemstones are used for different purposes including designing of jewellery. You can find some of the best pieces by visiting Pomegranate Jewellery

Origin of Gemstones

The dazzling history of gems can be found in India. This country has a long history of gems as well as jewellery appreciation which can be seen from their different styles of craftsmanship. Indian rulers have always portrayed a passion for jewels and unique gem collection. The Mughals were greatly attracted to the green gem, Emerald, which was believed to be a source of luck. The Mughal Emerald, dating back to 1695, was a unique and fine specimen which fetched approximately $2.2 million at a London auction in 2001. 

Historical Significance

Gemstones carry attributes of great significance to the owners. In addition to their beauty, gemstones signify power, passion, and affection. It was believed that putting on gemstones such as the ruby during a war made a person invulnerable. Gems of the highest qualities are believed to protect the owners from misfortunes of different kinds. A fine ruby would protect the stature of an individual. These powers were intensified when the gems were set in jewellery. 

Formation of Gems

Experts around the world are yet to offer a precise explanation for how gems such as the rubies are formed. For instance, the ruby is known to be a type of corundum which is colourless in its pure form and turns red upon the introduction of chromium. Incidentally, sapphires are a type of corundum that is formed when iron and titanium are mixed, giving the stones fascinating shades of blue. However, the conditions required to create gemstones such as the rubies are rare, such that a definitive illustration of their formation remains elusive. 

Sources of Inspiration

Another feature of the gems that have been propagated in different ancient scriptures is the concealed attributes possessed by each stone. According to the ancient treatise on gems, the magical aspect of the gems can treat just about anything ranging from ailments to poverty. Hence, the study of astrology assigns every piece of stone with certain properties through their energy vibration.  Some of these gems are said to possess attributes such as power, love, and passion. But for all that, the existence of the gemstones is still considered a geological miracle. 


The history of gemstone jewellery is a story of mystery and splendor. Gems have been worn by royalty and important people throughout history. Some stones also acted as a talisman for peace while promising wisdom and good health. The fascinating roles of gemstones since ancient times are what make their history dazzling.

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