Raising money for good causes is a long-term family investment

Few undertakings are as rewarding as the act of giving, particularly if you’re making a donation to a local organisation, national support network, or a charity close to your family’s heart. The feat of raising money as a family can be hugely satisfying; imagine being able to make a difference to someone else’s nearest and dearest with the help of your own, and prepare to be inspired.

Raising money, feeling good

The benefits of raising money for good causes and charitable organisations are two-fold; ploughing donations into organisations and charities enables them to carry on valuable work and research, while the very act of giving can be enough to change a person’s life forever. Giving to causes such as cancer research institutions can be a great way to contribute to issues that affect people every day. When it comes to fundraising, the sky really is the limit; whether you want to sit in a bath of cold baked beans, hurl yourself from a viaduct while attached to a piece of elastic, bake enough cakes to feed a small army, or run the length of the country, your imagination is the only limit to the ways you can raise money for your favourite charities.

Creativity is key; whatever you do, and whomever you’re doing it for, keeping things fresh, exciting, and inventive can be a great way to get people talking, as well as encouraging them to reach into their pockets. It is also a great idea to choose a challenge that is personal to you; if you’re afraid of heights, well known for being a bit of a couch potato, or particularly good at something, engaging with a challenge can inspire people to follow your progress, and also ensures fundraising continues to be fun, if a little daunting, for you.

Want to be a little more technological as you raise money? Thanks to the internet there are now numerous ways in which you can raise money for good causes, including crowd funding, sponsorship, shopping, and blogging – options for fundraising that were not available as recently as the last few years. Whether you’re sponsoring someone or asking them to sponsor you, updating followers with your charitable pursuits or donating via sites such as “Give as you Live” (which enables you to send money to charity as you shop), the world wide web and mobile technology have turned us into a nation of givers.


Family fundraising

Getting the whole family involved in fundraising really is one of the best ways to make money for charity as it provides a team of willing participants who will support you along the way. Becoming a fundraising family can help to instil charitable instincts in children from a young age, make any challenge or undertaking much more fun, and even encourage you to spend more time together; get outdoors, discover new talents, or simply bake together, and rediscover each other’s company and fantastic new ways to raise money.

Whoever you’re supporting and whatever you’re doing, raising money for good causes really is a long-term family investment; one which will encourage you to grow together, have fun as a family, and make a difference to those most in need. If you only do one thing this year, consider the difference you and your loved ones could make to someone else’s life, and get to work.

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