New Mum’s Resolution

Well that’s a pretty rubbish title but it sort of sums up my goal. I really want to get back into keeping a blog and thought the new year provided a good opportunity to start. I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions, but I do feel like there’s a certain sense of starting afresh that comes after new year. I get so bogged down in the day to day running of Essex Mums and don’t get much of a chance to just witter on about something that interests me so I’m really going to try this year.

I thought this might be a good opportunity to take a look at the things I want to change… or at the very least improve on this year, with regards to being a parent. Perhaps you would like to share some of your new year parenting resolutions too!

1. Less shouting

I never used to be a shouter. Honestly. Before I had kids I was always very even tempered and would never have dreamt of shouting at another person. But for some reason as the years have gone on and the children have got older, I’ve found out I’m actually a bit of a yeller. Rarely in anger and never in a nasty way, it’s just the constant “oh why does no-one have their shoes on?”/”why is it only me who picks things up around her” low-level rage I find myself dealing with.  I started making a concerted effort to reduce this last year and really want to carry on. Yes, they can be annoying beasts, but all yelling at the children seems to achieve is upsetting or annoying everyone. It’s easier said than done though, and requires a lot of self-restraint that I’m not sure I have. Wish me luck.


2. Better use of family time

I always think that working from home is the best and worst of both worlds. You get the amazing freedoms that come with being your own boss – flexibility, setting your own schedule, being there to pick the kids up from school and attend school plays, always having a parent around etc. but it also means you are doing the ‘stay at home’ parent bit when the kids are around, then trying to fit the work in around everything else, which more often than not means you end up doing a half job of everything. I am aware that I don’t play games with the kids enough and I want to change this. My husband is great at this. When he is not working, he is totally on Dad time, and will play with them, bake with them, play more Cluedo than you knew it was possible to play, but I don’t seem to have that ‘off’ time and am always checking an email or finishing a bit of work. My youngest is doing more sessions at pre-school this term though and I’m hoping those extra few hours will start to change this and I can reclaim a bit of that time for family stuff and actually use it well.


3. Being a healthier role model

This is pretty much the typical ‘get fit, lose weight, eat better’ resolution that takes place in most households every january, except that I have been thinking a lot recently about what message my weight and eating habits send to my kids and I want to do better. They are currently little beanpoles, but then so was I, so I am very aware that this doesn’t mean it will always be the same. I do make lots of good, healthy, homecooked meals for us, and they are generally good with fruit, vegetables and trying new things. However, I also like a takeaway, will go for seconds and rarely turn down a dessert, and I think I really need to show some more restraint from time to time! I hope that my efforts this year to get fitter and lose some weight will show them that it’s important to think about your wellbeing, and to do this in a non-extreme, healthy way.


4. Cut the stress levels

I’m generally a fairly easy going person but I do suffer a bit from the ‘argh, too much to do, why is no-one helping me?’ school of stress. I know some of this is inevitable with three kids, two cats and a small business but my final goal for this year is to organise our lives a bit better in a way that means we are not always running a bit late, know who is going where when, and live in a house where we know where everything is, and am hoping this extra organisation will go some way towards lowering those stress levels.

Our house, organised? I can practically hear my Mum laughing at the thought as I type….

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