Mobile mum: how your phone can help you stay on top of family matters

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Busy parents often struggle to keep tabs on their children. It can be hard work dealing with issues that crop up when you’re constantly out and about. In fact, many mums don’t actually find out about a problem until it’s too late.

One way that you can keep on top of family matters is by investing in a mobile phone.


Mobile phones and elderly parents

Mobiles are often seen to be more of a young person’s thing, but there are so many benefits of busy mums owning one too. Even older parents should consider investing in a mobile as it could potentially save their life one day. If there was an emergency, they could quickly phone for help with specially designed senior mobiles.

AGE UK even launched their own phone in 2012 specifically designed with the elderly in mind. It features large buttons and writing for those with poor eyesight. Not only do these phones provide a source of communication to family for the elderly, but it also gives busy mums a peace of mind that their own parents are safe.


Keeping in touch with children

The main reason why mums should invest in a mobile is so they can keep in touch with their children. At one time, telephone boxes were the number one way to keep in touch with people while you were out. However, as more payphones continue to be shut down, the options for keeping in touch without a mobile are fast running out.

Imagine if your child were to have an accident or if they were in trouble. If they didn’t have a mobile, they wouldn’t be able to contact anybody for help. This can be a really worrying thought. What’s more worrying is that if you don’t have a mobile, they still won’t be able to contact you.

Having a mobile can help you to easily keep in contact with your children, partner, friends and family. However, it is important to make sure you turn the phone off when you’re actually with your children.

Using your mobile all the time can encourage your child to develop the same habits. Not only that, but according to the NAHT and Family Action Charity, if you use your mobile when you’re talking to your children it can show them that their views aren’t important. It’s not just the little ones you should spare a thought for though.

According to research by Sainsbury’s Mobile, a staggering 50% of mums admit they check their phone before saying ‘good morning’ to their partners – not the best way to start the day or set a good example to your kids.

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Keeping in contact with the school



It isn’t just your children you can keep in contact with either. These days’ schools are able to text parents whenever there is a problem. If a child goes missing or if there’s an issue with the school, parents will be informed right away via text message.


Useful for everyday family life

Of course, it’s not just keeping in touch with friends and family that make mobile phones essential for busy mums: they also come armed with a variety of family friendly apps. One particularly great app is ‘Remember the Milk’, which more than 5 million people use worldwide.

It’s easy to forget things when you’re a busy parent. This app is completely free and it basically allows you to better manage your time. It shows you what needs doing and when it needs doing by. It’s easier than ever before to keep on top of family life thanks to smartphone apps.

You don’t have to have a contract to benefit from a smartphone – but it does help.

While children should definitely have pay as you go phones, parents are often better off with a monthly price plan. Mobile by Sainsbury’s has some excellent price plans with double nectar points aimed at busy mums so it’s definitely worth looking into them.





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