Let There Be Light

I’ve always taken a lot of photos but recently have been moonlighting a bit with my small photography business, Juniper Photography. Apart from a bit of extra cash, what I’ve been really enjoying about the jobs I’ve had so far is getting to be a bit more creative with my photography again and learning to use my camera in ways I haven’t previously done.

One example of this is using a flash. I always steer away from it if I can but have been asked to photograph a birthday party next month which is an evening occasion so thought I should brush up on my flash skills. Ideally I want a look that doesn’t look too ‘flash’ – I want to look as close to natural light as possible, but this takes some practise with angling the flash gun etc. I’m quite happy with this photo of Iris though. It’s quite a basic picture but I like that it’s not overly harsh, you can really see some of the tones in the skin, hair etc. I still need to work on the look but I’m getting there!

Image may contain: 1 person, child and close-up

As well as this, I’ve been working on how best to use light in outdoor pictures. It’s always nice to take photos on a lovely sunny day, but these can often end up too bright, too shadowy and too squinty! I took some pictures at the weekend down by the beach huts in Thorpe Bay but got the kids to stand in the shade. I really like the look of these, they have a nice even look on the skin, but the bright background behind. It’s definitely a look I will be trying again and attempting to perfect!

Image may contain: 1 person, child, close-up and outdoor

I also thought these would be fun to enter into the Let There Be Light campaign looking at different ways of showcasing light. It’s certainly got me thinking about ways I can utilise natural and artificial light in future sessions.

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