How to Monitor Your Child’s Online Activities

The internet has so much to offer to our kids. Due to its extreme resourcefulness, it is a great platform to help our children learn. The use of mobile phones is really useful, as you can keep in touch with your kids. However, if not utilized well, it can cause major problems in their life as well as yours as a parent. It is imperative that you have some control of whatever they are doing online. Below are tips for monitoring what your children do online.

  1. Use Monitoring Software

This is a must-have for every parent if you are keen on protecting your child’s online safety. It helps you to easily keep track of what your child is doing on the internet. The monitoring software helps protect your devices from malware, cyber offenses, and protection of privacy. It is good to let your child know that you will have the software installed on their devices. You should know who your child is talking to or messaging at each given time and what they are talking about. WhatsApp is the most common way of messaging today and exchanging pictures and videos. You can install software such as the WhatsApp spy apps to see the kind of information being exchanged on their devices.

  1. Establish Rules

Before allowing your child to use the devices and the internet, establish some rules around the use of the same and make sure they understand. Let them know in a clear way, what they should or should not do. Have the consequences for breaking the rules in place too. Such rules can be setting time for internet use or no passwords on their devices.

  1. Know Their Online Friends

It is important to know who your child’s online friends are and what they talk about. Where possible you can talk to the other parents of your child’s friends. Know the sites your child visits.

  1. Educate Them

Educate your children what online security entails. Teach them how to keep themselves safe on the internet. Let them know the dangers of using the internet inappropriately or visit certain sites. Let them know that having a bad online reputation will ruin so many aspects of their life in the future, such as job search.

  1. Parental Control

You can use parental control software to control what your child is viewing on the internet. You can restrict them from visiting certain websites. Your child will not be able to access harmful content such as violence, sexual or pornographic content.

  1. Keep Yourself Updated

Technology is ever evolving, your children can easily outsmart you. Keep yourself abreast with the latest technology trends at least to protect them. You can use the help of technology gurus to help you know how to control your child’s internet use.

It is challenging to control and limit what your children and teens are doing online. However, for their own safety and well-being, you must keep doing it. While doing it, remember to be as friendly as possible.



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