How to Balance Your Time as A Wife and as A Mother?

Juggling with three balls is quite a tricky skill to learn; even more so, is juggling three balls on fire while riding a tricycle. However, they both don’t compare to juggling children, a marriage, and a job. Fortunately, just like there are guides on how to juggle balls, there are guides on how to be the ultimate wife and mom. In fact, we have one right here:


Plan your week

One of the things we neglect to do is plan for things. Ironically, to carry out the roles of a wife and a mother, planning should be a main item in your survival kit. On the weekend, it is advisable that you take some time to plan out your following week. Determine time slots where you’ll be either fully dedicated to your kids, your husband, and most importantly, yourself. Then, make sure you impose those boundaries; when it is time to work, you need to tell your kids that they’ll have to read that extra story alone. Now, the most dangerous habit that most married women tend to fall into when faced with too much to do is saying, “it’s fine, I don’t have to have me-time today.” This phrase is a straight road that leads to you not having any time for yourself which, in the long run, is very damaging to you and your family.



When you are doing something, it is important that you give it your all. If you are spending time with your kids, don’t do it with the T.V on, or while checking out social media. The same thing goes for your husband; when you’re having “sexy time” together, you both need to give it your all. Most men and women tend to be tired after a long day’s work but, with certain enhancement pills that you can read more to be well-informed, your husband will always be up for some sexy time. Now, we all know that sex drive can be contagious, so even if you are a bit tired, their increased sex drive will manage to turn you on, too. Remember that a healthy sex life is a main component of a healthy marriage.

Ask for help

Due to prior social constructs, we all find it easy to get carried away and overwork ourselves without asking for any help. However, if you want to have a healthy family, you need to constantly remind yourself that you and your husband are a team. When you are tuckered out, don’t hesitate to hand him the wheel for a while. It is important that you communicate with your husband; let him know what you want him to do.

To wrap up, maintaining a healthy relationship, a healthy personal life, and a healthy family is no easy feat. The bright side is that you don’t have to do it alone. As we’ve said before, you and your husband are a team. Make sure you both fully support each other. If either of you is slacking in a certain aspect, there is no need to get angry, address the situation instead. Most of us don’t really know that we’re not contributing enough.

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