Great Tips for Mixing Up Your Holiday Plans

Taking a family holiday is one of the best things about having children, though it can sometimes be a nightmare! Usually, it’s great to get away and enjoy some time together. You don’t have to worry about work or homework, and everyone gets a break from their usual roles. Sometimes, though, we can get stuck in a rut and start getting bored of our holidays. If you go on the same camping trip every year or always end up lying by a swimming pool somewhere hot, it’s time to mix it up. There are so many places to go and things to see that there’s no need to do the same thing year in and year out. Try some of these ideas to shake up your next holiday.


Try Unusual Accommodation

Sometimes all you need to do to change things is to stay somewhere different. You can visit a destination you’ve been to before but put a twist on your stay. There are lots of unusual accommodation options that can make your time away more interesting. For example, if you usually go camping, don’t go in a normal tent or a modern caravan. Instead pick something like a yurt, a wooden cabin or a traditional caravan. There are so many choices around the world, from treehouses to igloos. You could have a lot of fun just sleeping somewhere a little different.


Take a Winter Holiday

We all love our summer holidays. If you want more than the one week of sun we get, you have to go elsewhere. However, if you want something different, why not take a winter holiday for a change? You can even take your trip over Christmas and New Year to experience what it’s like to celebrate away from home. Kids will love the wonders of the Lapland wilderness, from reindeers to the Northern Lights. There’s much more you can do in the winter than just going skiing. Although, that’s always a great option too! Look for proper snowfall and a white Christmas for a magical winter experience.


Get Active

Term time can make you feel exhausted. When the holidays arrive, sometimes all you want to do is lie down for a week. But after a few days, you and the kids can find yourselves getting bored. Don’t let that happen on your next holiday. Instead of lounging in the sun, find some more active activities to get involved with. It could be walking, cycling or rock climbing, or perhaps horse riding. You could try some water sport too, from white water rafting to canoeing and sailing. If you’re not sure about being active the whole time, spend a few days relaxing a few getting out and about.


Choose Somewhere Educational

Any holiday is an opportunity for you and the kids to try something new. If you normally do a little more relaxing and a little less exploring, it could be time to change that. There are so many ways a holiday can be educational, from visiting museums to walking through forests. Sometimes it’s up to you to engage your children with the new environment.


Don’t keep doing the same thing over again if it’s making you bored. Look for something new that your whole family will enjoy for your next holiday.

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