Fun and Simple outdoor activities for your kids

Keeping your kids entertained all day can be challenging. Kids are bundles of energy that always need to be satiated in some way lest you become bombarded by waves of “I’m bored!”

Of course, there’s the simple fix to just plop them down in front of the television or an iPad, but that’s hardly healthy and doesn’t engage their physical sides and robs them of the chance to develop social skills. There’s just something about running around and playing a game in the real world that will never be replicated no matter how advanced our apps get in the future. Some of the best childhood memories spring up around simple outdoor games, so why not give your child the opportunity to make those memories themselves?

Stumped for ideas? Well, check these out:


Hide And Seek

This game is a timeless classic and requires no equipment whatsoever. The best part is you only need a minimum of two participants to start having a wonderful time. Of course, ground rules like how far you’re allowed to go in the neighborhood need to be established to keep your child safe. Outdoor games for kids should be fun, easy, and of course safe. The rules are simple, of course. One person closes their eyes and counts to a set number between ten to thirty while the other hides. It is then up to the seeker to find the person hiding. Switch roles once the person seeking has found the person hiding.

Red Light, Green Light

Another great game that doesn’t require any equipment, Red Light Green Light needs at least three people to be any sort of fun. All you need is a straight line to run in. One person is the traffic light while the others are the runners/cars, if you will. Each role starts at opposite ends of the straightaway. The person who is the traffic light will call out “Green light!” at which point everybody will begin to run towards the person who is the traffic light and then the person will call out “Red light!” prompting everybody to stop. Anyone who moves after red light has been called out will have to start from the beginning. First person to make it across wins.


Simon Says

This list is all about simplicity, it seems. Simon says is a classic game that just about everybody learns at some point or another. One person is Simon, while everybody else are the participants. The person will call either call out a command preceded by “Simon says” or just a command. Any command that has “Simon says” behind it needs to be completed while all tasks without “Simon says” should not be. For instance, “Simon says jump” means everyone needs to jump, but just “jump” means nobody should. Anyone who breaks the rules is disqualified until one person remains who will become the new Simon.

In modern times outdoor play has been neglected in favor of playing video games or spending time on a cell phone. Check it for yourself this summer, the streets are barren where they were once teeming with childish laughter and life. Go against the grain and get your kids outside this summer, they might not be too interested at first, but they’ll catch on quick.

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