Flying Abroad with your little one?

With more and more airlines insisting that items such as prams, strollers, car seats and carrycot go in their own bags in the aircraft hold there has never been a more important time to plan ahead.  Many prams and other essentails do not have a travel bag so as a parent/carer you may be left frantically searching for a bag to put your items in.

Branded bags can sometimes be very expensive and may leave a dent in your budget for other items.  These things are worthy of consideration. The main function of a travel bag will be to keep your items clean and dry during transit.  Who wants a dirty, wet pram or carseat to put your baby in at the other end?  Aircraft holds are dirty, wet places due to condensation in flight so a travel bag will help keep things clean and dry. Baggage Handlers do get bad press so another thing to consider is that the bag should offer some protection to the contents so that they avoid the scuffs and scrapes that can be associated with poor handling of items.  Clearly the better the bag, the more adequate the protection.

A flimsy nylon bag that can open or tear easily will obviously not provide the same level of protection that a luggage grade material bag with a robust zip closure will provide.  There is no such thing as indestructable in baggage handling terms but common sense would suggest that a sturdy padded bag with robust fittings and high quality zip closure may offer the best protection for items such as prams, strollers, carseats and carrycots etc.  Where possible for additional security, look for metal, double zips as these can be padlocked or cable tied for additional flight security.  Cable tie the bag closed and at the other end if the cable tie is missing or cut it could be that your bag has been accessed without your consent!  A simple padlock or cable tie can give peace of mind during the flight.

As the manufacturer of the award winning Genesis Travel Bags wemanufacture a wide range of bags for a host of makes and models of prams, carseats, carrycots and much more.  We also provide a complete made to measure service so regardless of what item you wish to take abroad, you CAN get a bag made specifically for it.  All of our bags are manufactured in England to the highest standards and are made using tough 600d polyesters and industrial fittings.  Our time served designs have been assisting parents on flights for over a decade.

Consider your travel bag requirements well in advance of your trip and we wish you a safe flight.

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