Being Practical Yet Sweet: Unorthodox Gift Ideas

We all know someone who is difficult to shop for. And it becomes even more difficult when they’re someone very special in your life. In every calendar year, you’re going to have a few occasions to buy a gift; birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions, not to mention the ‘just because’ gift.  

Generally speaking, you need practicality when choosing a present, but you don’t want to eliminate your personal touch completely either. There are some unique gifts that are also practical and memorable. You’re going to love these gift ideas, so read on some more.

1. Candy dispenser

You might think it’s childish, but we know that we all have a little girl or boy within us. It’s a type of nostalgic gift that will take people back to memory lane when they used to rush to their favorite candy dispenser.

2. Beanie hat with headphones

It’s an ideal gift for those icy cold days or if you live in a cold climate. The beanie comes in different colors with built-in Bluetooth so you can jog, walk, listen to your favorite music, all while keeping your ears warm.  

3. Remote control wand

A little bit of magic, this wand is programmed to work on anything that uses a remote control, which is basically almost everything these days. Anyone will probably get a kick out of playing the wizard with this wand.

4. Roses

Yes, roses. But the catch is they’re just not any roses. The Manly Man Company specializes in roses made from beef jerky. Anyone can have their rose and eat it too! You can get different flavors, and spice it up if you want. It’s great for men because, after all, they say ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ So this is the best and most unique way to show your love and appreciation for your man.

5. Massage pillow

We’re pretty sure anyone would prefer a hand massage for the neck and shoulders, but this is the next best thing. You can take this neck and shoulder massage pillow anywhere if traveling. It uses heat therapy to relieve tight and sore muscles after a rough day.

6. Scratch map

For the man or woman who does a lot of world traveling, they’ll appreciate this gift because it can be used as home or office wall décor while at the same time showing off all the places they’ve been too. Each time the person travels to a new country, they scratch the location off, revealing under it a bright color, eventually showing the world map. It makes for a great conversation starter and a way to show off in a subtle way.

Different people, different tastes

There will always be some special people in your life, from family to dear friends. Each one has their passion and tastes in different things. So choose a gift according to what you know about the person. There’s no point in getting a trendy tech gift if the person is not much into tech. Getting an appropriate gift shows how much you care and gave thought into buying a present for your special someone.

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