6 Things You Didn’t Know Would Benefit Your Life

Do you think you know all there is to know about what’s healthy and what’s not? It might surprise you to learn that there are things you may not know are good for you. Everyone knows that exercise, a healthy diet, and less stress are important for your health and wellbeing.

There are also a few lesser-known tricks and tips that will benefit your life and provide you with a health boost. Check out the following list and see if there are any you fancy trying.

  1. Photography

Do you regularly take photographs when on holiday, enjoying a night out with friends or at a sporting event? It may not be a bad thing always to be taking snaps. Research suggests that being able to recall good memories and have a positive view of the past can boost happiness levels and health.

Smiling when other people are taking your photograph can also help you live longer. A study undertaken by researchers at Wayne State University found that the bigger a person’s smile, the longer they lived.

  1. Surfing the Web

Have you heard people say that surfing the web, browsing Facebook, and searching for information online is a waste of time? It might encourage them to think again when they realise that researchers have found that surfing the web boosts brain health in people who are middle-aged or older. It is even believed to prevent some of the effects ageing has on the brain.

  1. Sweet Treats

Enjoying one too many boxes of chocolates or large bags of candy is only going to lead to weight problems, increased cholesterol, and potential diabetes. However, consuming small amounts of dark chocolate or cocoa can help stimulate your brain, improve your circulatory system, and even prevent cancer.

  1. Getting Your Hands Dirty

How many times do you yell at your kids for playing in the dirt? Extensive research has concluded that getting dirty can actually benefit your health. It means they’re exposing themselves to bacteria and parasites, which can boost their immune systems and make them resistant to all types of illnesses and viruses.

  1. Spices

Do you enjoy adding spices and herbs to your cooking? It might not be your intention, but many of them are beneficial for your health as well as adding flavour to your food. You don’t have to add them to your food either, because it’s possible to take a range of different supplements, such as those available at Swanson.

  1. Getting Married

Have you found the girl or guy of your dreams yet? Take the next step in your relationship and get married, and you could add years to your life! There are obvious benefits to being in love, but a good marriage can be even more beneficial.

Numerous research studies and statistics have indicated that those who get married are likely to live longer than those who stay single. It’s thought that this is often because they have a higher income and experience less social isolation.

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