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  1. Dear Louise

    Could you please share this on your site?

    Epping Forest District Council have a new project launching to help community members become more active.

    If you do less than 30 minutes activity a week, for example walking or an exercise class OR you do NO exercise activity at all due to being too busy or too expensive, medically unable or simply for whatever reason you lack the confidence motivation or drive to get active please contact the number below…

    01992 564561

    1) Say you would like to book your first appointment with an Active Living Professional.

    2) tell them you do less than 30 minutes activity a week

    3) well done you have taken your first step to a healthier happier and better life

    4) your health is your wealth

    5) look forward to meeting you in mid May when the project starts

    6) IT IS FREE

    The Government are funding projects like this to improve Community Health, bring the community together and most importantly that EXERCISE whatever it is should not be feared ….

    Whatever level of your physical ability or age ( as long as above 16 years) we can tailor the program to your needs.

    I look forward to meeting with you in May with the Exercise professional who will help you on your way.

    For those reading this PLEASE SHARE for those you think may be interested or help to refer a friend who may be too shy ..

    Your Health is not just about your physical body but your mind too…

    I have spent many years in Nursing Midwifery and Health Visiting and I am now moving into improving Community Health and will work with all exercise professionals to support you..

    You will be safe in our Hands 🙂

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