1. Cannot recommend Helen & Braintree baby sensory highly enough!! I never thought I would be a ‘baby group’ person but I love her classes as much as my baby girl does.

  2. great incentive for local businesses, only answered the ones where i know someone or something or who has been there

  3. A brilliant organisation which provides excellent outdoor activities. It takes place in lovely, safe natural surroundings. It covers a wide area & there is a large amount of carefully chosen equipment which has been adapted to provide stimulus for the children.

  4. Jo Cope is a friendly, outgoing lady who has a natural rapport with even the shyest child.
    She is well trained & produces a selection of unique photographs. Her underwater shots are
    visually stunning.

  5. I vote for stay and splash canvey island. Always safe. Clean friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Would highly recommend always updating on facebook of spaces available

  6. I vote for stay and splash canvey island. Always safe clean and relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff always updating on facebook of availability. Would highly recommend to anyone with young children.

  7. So many great choices!!! Feel lucky as a first time mummy to have such a choice of classes and support available to me. Has really helped me meet other mums

  8. Im a 1st time mum and nice to see the groups i attend has made the lists! Me and my son enjoy all the classes we do, the support from the leaders and advice and compnay from other mums is fantastic! Made some great friends along the way to!

  9. Boogie woogies is an excellent baby group. My daughter loves it… especially the bubbles. Can’t keep her still! It is a Wednesday must do!

  10. Helen whiting makes every class tab baby Sensory Stisted fun. Not just for the babies but also for the Mums. Every week is brilliant! I’m truly sad for returning to work and missing classes. My Fridays won’t be the same. Thanks Helen ❤️

  11. Helen Whiting to win! She is amazing. Her baby sensory classes are such a fantastic way to bond with your child. It has definitely brought me and my son closer.. all thanks to Helen ❤

  12. Baby Sensory is awesome. Esp Helen at Baby Sensory Braintree. Wish I had known about this group with my first child

  13. Jesters all the way! My daughter and my grandson both love Jesters. Being a part of the Youth Theatre has given them so much self-confidence and a real desire to perform, plus they’ve made new friends along the way – and they have a huge amount of fun while they’re there too. It’s something to look forward to each week away from the stress of school and all that goes with being there. Hooray for Jesters!!!!

  14. All children are equal here they all absolutely adore it and the teachers well done jEsters keep it up

  15. What an inspiration Kristy Kerry from Colchester Sing and Sign is I I have never seen anyone so happy,and visibly moved by what they do. A joy to watch and listen to I hope she goes from strength to strength.

  16. What an inspiration Kristy Kerry from Colchester Sing and Sign is I I have never seen anyone so happy,and visibly moved by what they do. A joy to watch and listen to I hope she goes a long way.

  17. Sport star holiday camp (leigh on sea)
    I have been so impressed with this club . It Is a fantastic and unique opportunity for children, where they get dedicated and supportive coaches whilst being given a wide and diverse variety of sports to enjoy during the day!
    It is an affordable club for parents and Jen that the children thoroughly enjoy!

    1. There is a category for group for children with a disability – would it work to change the wording for that as I think it covers special needs groups too. Unless you were thinking of something else?

  18. Essex fit mums is fantastic o was able to get back in shape while having my baby with me Lucy is great she gets everyone moving and provides options to suit everyones ability

  19. Carmen of baby sensory Colchester and tendering she puts 100% into all her classes, my son loved every class and he went from age of 4.5months upto age of 1years- he learnt so much and cried when he had to leave! Been to other classes and always went back to baby sensory. Offers other services such as parties which she did and all the kids loved it and parents!!

  20. Amazing club we are not from south wooden ferres but travel here most weeks to train with these amazing people it’s a true honour to know Sam and Steve Powell and absolutely love their clubs both Are amazing role models for the kids and help them to become the best at what they want to achieve

  21. The only way is entertainment Christmas ball. Fantastic. Children get to meet all their favourite characters in one go. Meet Father Christmas. Part games and dancing etc etc…just brilliant. Deserves to win!!

  22. Go Bananas has great friendly & helpful staff both in the centre & After School Club. The children have a great time & the recent upgrade has just made the place even better

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